Thank you so much for considering providing Byberry Friends Meeting with your financial support. We could not fulfil our spiritual and social vision without the generous offering of your time, talents and finance. We encourage Members, Attenders and Friends of Byberry Friends Meeting to contribute to the vision and activities of our community.  

As we undertake a critical renovation/expansion of our meetinghouse (to finally enter the 20th century (with running water, bathrooms and a modest kitchen) let alone the 21st century), we are excited about the prospects of utilizing our meetinghouse and new annex to support our local community.  This undertaking is dependent upon the generous gifts of all who see the need to re-establish Byberry Friends as a social change agent (in many efforts towards abolition of slavery, and suffrage for voting rights for ALL).   We would be so greatly appreciate of support of our Expansion Project! 

Anyone wishing to support the maintenance of our programs, our meetinghouse, schoolhouse and library, the burial grounds may make donations anytime, as well.  

You can give in many different ways...

1) MAIL A CHECK:  You can mail a check to Byberry Friends Meeting, 3001 Byberry Road, Philadelphia, PA  19154

2) ONLINE GIVING:  Regular Giving online - at If you choose to use the online option via PYM, please be sure to select Byberry Friends Meeting as the Monthly Meeting recipient.  Upon completing the payment, you will receive a receipt via email from PYM. We do ask that you please forward that email to, so that we can promptly acknowledge your donation to us.  

The beauty of PYM taking these payments is that they do not charge Byberry a fee.  If you donate $100, Byberry recieves the full amount.  If you donate $1,000, Byberry still sees the entire amount.  This is a wonderful gift to us.

3) PERSONALLY, HAND-DELIVER:   We always hope that you will come and worship with us in our lovely meetinghouse.  If easiest, you are absolutely welcome to hand deliver a financial contribution.   

For more information, please get in touch with us on our Contact page.