Mid-Week Meeting for Worship

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As a result of Covid, we expanded our Meeting for Worship services to include a Tuesday and Thursday evening Meeting for Worship at 7PM in Zoom.  Please email us at ByberryQuakers (at) gmail.com to request the Zoom ID (log-in details).

In an effort to expand and deepen our faith, we've included Worship Sharing as part of our Tuesday worship.

We meet at 7PM, but on Tuesdays we end worship at 7:30, and then enter into Worship Sharing.

This practice may include discussion of a specific query; may involve watching a Quaker Speak video; may discuss a political or current event topic.  


In March 2021, we introduced a 10 part series to discuss "9 Core Beliefs of Quakerism" a QuakerSpeak video offered by Arthur Larrabee.  You can read more about this program here.

Susan Vorwerk, 2/23/2021